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This was an especially difficult investigation for the team as we not only were covering two buildings, but we decided to invite a few guests to experience the evening (including The Beloit Daily News and a Professor from UW Whitewater). What we didn't expect was all the contamination we had to sort through with all of the extra people. We typically like to have smaller groups--and this is the reason why. The evidence we are presenting was part of a longer list of evidence suggested as paranormal. However, much of that list did not pass our test as "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" and was thrown out. Therefore, the evidence we present below was scrutinized at the highest level and cross-referenced with audio (including audio recorders outside as well as worn by investigators) and video. The only exception is the SB7. The SB7 is never included as official evidence with our team. We only present it for YOU to make up your own mind.

Male Whisper in the Main House

Class C EVP

Possible Footstep and a Breath in the Computer Room

Coughing Noise Heard by Investigators

Female Disembodied Noise

Quick Female Sound

SB7 "Female"

Quick Laugh at the Top of the Stairs


SB7 "Male"