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June 2014 Private Residence, Rural Beloit, WI

The team had anticipated investigating the house and barn at this location. When the team arrived, the homeowner had not removed the dogs for the night, or her paraplegic son. Therefore, the team's investigation consisted of just the barn. Since the barn was full of junk, there weren't too many places for investigators to move about. Consideration was made to continue the investigation for just under four hours as paranormal activity was claimed within the barn.

The team decided, due to the short investigation and limited space available, they would run with just a handheld full-spectrum video camera and four audio recorders (two were team recorders). There were only three team members (Michelle, Tracy, and Brian), until Laura and Mitch showed up later.

Most audio was thrown out as contamination was quite high with wild animals, chickens, and fireworks in a nearby town. However, four pieces of audio stuck out within the review. The first came from the Spirit Box in which Tracy says "Hi my name is Tracy", and an immediate responses is recorded saying "Hi Tracy". Two potential Class C EVPs were captured. Both were under Tracy's voice. Through a 360-degree review, this audio was shown to be anomalous. Lastly, a whisper is captured over Tracy's voice. This was the most difficult to hear--and easiest with headphones. As a result of limited evidence, the investigation is inconclusive. Paranormal activity is not found beyond a reasonable doubt.