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Investigation at Marlene's Home, Rockford, IL

Marlene called WIPIT in for a potential emergency investigation. One camera was set up and six audio recorders were scattered through the house. One audio recorder was in the kitchen, with the video camera which was focused on Michelle (Lead Investigator) and Laura (Team Founder and Case Manager), as well as Marlene and her friend. All of these audio clips were recorded during what would be a pre-investigation interview, and ALL of these clips were verified on video that they were not anyone sitting at the table. Due to confidentiality agreements with the homeowner, we cannot share this video for your own cross-referencing. However, we found it interesting that not only did we not see anyone else speaking at the time these audio clips were recorded, none of these audio clips were captured on the video camera, which was sitting right behind Laura and only two feet away from the audio recorder.

Audio Files

Voice over Marlene's voice when talking about lights going on.


Voice under Marlene's voice as she discusses how her ex-husband wanted to suffocate her with a pillow.


Voice, sounds like it says "Get it" when Marlene is talking about her ex-husband having cancer.


Voice/grunt under Marlene's voice.


Female voice under Marlene after she asks if "that's hers", clears her throat.