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December 12, 2014 Tinker Swiss Cottage Public Investigation

Team Investigators present: Mitchell Baker, Sarah Baker, and Michelle Meyers

The team ran a volunteer public paranormal investigation at the Tinker Swiss Cottage for approximately four hours. Unfortunately, with a larger group, it is much harder to verify evidence-and much evidence that gets flagged during review is thrown out. However, we believe that the evidence presented significantly points to paranormal activity. The following audio evidence was captured during the investigation:

1A_IC_ALL – Mitch Baker, Sarah Baker, and Steve Literal (Tinker’s Executive Director) were entering the cottage with all the recorders already turned on and synced together. Just as they are coming through the Kitchen door, a male loudly whispers, “ok”, and is picked up by all recorders. The recorders that Sarah is presumed to be holding, were just a little louder than the recorders that Mitchell was holding.

2A_DiningRoom (full version) – Michelle is talking in the background while the group of public investigators are walking. At approximately 8 seconds into this clip, a male whispers “Walk with me” and is followed by a female humming. Interestingly enough, the team received a male whisper in 2013 at Willow Creek Farm in Illinois that said the same thing, but sounded more like “Walk-kith me.”

2A_DiningRoom (shortened version) ---This clip highlights the male whisper and female humming.

3A_Parlor –Michelle asks everyone if anything is going on with the K2 meters. About 5 seconds into the clip is a Class “C” EVP.

4A_Parlor—Michelle is again talking and about 4 seconds into the clip a male whisper is heard potentially saying “hi.”

5A_Team (Sarah) –Sarah Baker had this particular Team recorder. Steve Literal is speaking. About 5 seconds into the clip, a male whisper is heard saying, “yah.”

6A_RTbedroom – Sarah and Michelle are talking to each other.  The group is all downstairs in the basement. About 5 seconds into the clip, after Sarah says that they are predicting no snow for Christmas, and after Michelle says “I’m okay with that”, a child-like voice comes through and says “No.”