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The following is evidence captured during a public investigation at the Hanchett-Bartlett Homestead on July 26, 2014.

Whisper in Basement-Group 1

EVP Child Sound in Dining Room-Group2

Cow Sound in Master Bedroom-Group 2

"40" on Spirit Box-Group 2

Footsteps while no one in building-Basement

Class C EVP-Group 3

"Oh Yah" Whisper-GroupĀ 4 ( from Basement)

"Oh Yah" Whisper-GroupĀ 4 (from Dining Room)

Loud Noise in Dr. Mary's Room-Group 4

One Minute Later/Loud Noise with Bounce in Cupola-Group 4

Whispers in Basement-Group 4

Whisper in Basement-Group 4