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Feb. 15, 2014


Private Residence, Orfordville, WI as featured in Destination America's Paranormal Survivor

Special Note: This investigation and story was highlighted in Paranormal Survivor that aired January 1, 2016. It was a first for the team to contact psychics for any case. Paul Smith, his wife Lisa, and Paul's business partner Sara Bowker soon made WIPIT's team founder a believer in mediums. WIPIT used Paul to help this family, as showcased in the episode. Paul and Sara have their own Facebook page for Spirit & Soul Mediums, and we recommend you check them out.

Case No.: 14RES0215

Case Type: Residential

Time: 6pm-5am

Investigators: Laura, Mitch, Tracy, Michelle, Kira, Doug, and Mindy


A complete History will be available soon.


Claims of activity include voices, shadows, apparitions, knocking, footsteps, cabinet doors opening, being touched, missing items, locked doors, bed shaking, and more.


Equipment was placed to cover a 360-degree view of the investigation. IC recorders were placed in the Living room/Kitchen area, Master bedroom, Child’s room, Attic, Basement, outside (to cover cross-referencing of any outside contamination), and team members. HD IR cameras with audio were placed strategically in the Living room, Kitchen, Master bedroom, and basement stairway.


The investigation started with a 6pm set-up. Command Central was placed outside inside a heated camper. While completing set-up, and just prior to starting the IC recorders and distributing them throughout the house, Laura noticed that the K2 meter began spiking on the Kitchen counter that’s located between the Living room and Kitchen. Cell phones had not been shut off yet, and IC recorders had not been recording yet. Laura, Mitch, and Kira were the first team members to enter the home after set-up. They spent a significant amount of time in the central part of the small home—the Living room. Laura asked if anything was there and if it could knock on the wall. Several bangs and occasional knocks were heard, but nothing gave the investigators indication that something was truly trying to communicate. Often these noises come from thermal expansion caused by the heating and cooling of air ducts. However, on evidence review, there did seem to be an excessive amount of noises—but none were included as evidence.

Laura entered the Master bedroom alone and sat on the bed with the K2 meter. Spikes again were noted on the K2 meter. No other evidence was captured to correlate with these spikes. Therefore, the K2 meter’s spikes are not included as evidence of the paranormal.

Laura, Mitch and Kira entered the child’s room, and spent a good amount of time in this room. During this time, audio evidence of a Class C EVP was recorded in the attic—and no one was in the attic. It was concluded that it was not a normal “house sound”.

Upon further evidence review of this time in the child’s room, Kira is heard telling whatever may be there to knock on a wall. The team begin discussing something else—and about a minute after Kira had told it to knock on the wall seven rhythmic knocks are heard on the Full Spectrum Camera (unfortunately, the lights were burning out on the attached lighting—and the video is slightly darker than it should be).  As can be seen, Mitch is standing in the doorway and does not move. Kira’s leg is briefly seen in the video—and she is not moving. Laura is holding the camera too still to have knocked seven times in a rhythmic pattern (similar to “Shave and a Haircut”).Of interesting note, the team did not seem to hear these knocks at the time as they made no mention of them at all. Upon further review, audio in the Master Bedroom which shares a wall with the child, seems to show that the knock came from the closet in the master bedroom--where claims of activity have included knocks on the wall and closet doors shaking. Also, this audio does indicate a possible whisper that happens just before Mitch is heard speaking in the background, and just before the knocks. There was an IR camera in the Master Bedroom facing the closet doors as claims of activity include shaking of the closet doors. Besides the audio which was picked up on the IR camera of the knocks, nothing of note was seen.

Laura, Mitch, and Kira went back to Command Central and had Mindy, Doug, and Tracy enter the home. Nothing of note happens during this time except that the team does hear some shuffling in the basement. It is difficult to hear on the video camera as the furnace was running at the time.

Mindy, Doug, and Tracy return to Command Central. Laura, Mitch, and Kira enter the home again. The team spends additional time sitting in the Living room. Laura and Kira are having a conversation about Kira’s plans to attend college. Over top of Kira’s voice, a woman’s voice can be heard humming.

Laura, Mitch, and Kira return to the Command Central around 11pm and Mindy, Doug, and Tracy go in again. Several Class C EVPs were caught during this time period. One Class C EVP is recorded in the Kitchen after Mindy is trying to tell whatever is there to close the cabinet doors that she opened for it. Another Class C EVP is recorded on the IR camera located in the Living room. About 8 seconds into the video, a cat-like sound is heard.  Additionally, while the team is still sitting in the Living room, Doug and Mindy begin talking about some of their past investigations prior to joining Team WIPIT. A wailing sound is heard between the conversation.

Mindy, Doug, and Tracy head back out to Command Central. Mindy and Doug leave for the evening since Mindy was not feeling well. Tracy also needed to leave due to family responsibilities. Michelle had come up from Rockford and met up with the rest of the team. After the lunch break, Michelle and Kira entered the house again. The activity seemed to increase around this time, which was by then around 1am.  Michelle and Kira are in the young boy’s room. A woman’s voice comes in over Michelle’s voice, seemingly humming. A high-pitched sound is also heard briefly in the middle of the "Humming".

Michelle and Kira move into the Master bedroom. At this same time, a Class A EVP whisper is captured in the boy’s room saying “Come get us.” Michelle and Kira are still in the Master Bedroom. Michelle begins talking to whatever is there about picking on the boy in the house and scaring him. She mentions her age, jokingly giving a younger age, saying she is 21 and not 42 years old. The team believes it sounds like something saying "yes". After spending a few minutes in the Master bedroom, the girls hear “rustling”, which was also recorded on several pieces of audio and appeared to come from the little boy’s room. They immediately go into the Kitchen area to check out where the sound may have come from. Michelle is holding the Full Spectrum handheld camera, and Kira suddenly gets a strange odor. Since the girls were in the Kitchen near the garbage, it was considered possible that this was where the odor was coming from. According to Kira, she thought the odor may have been cigar or cigarette smoke. While this is considered just a personal experience, with no other proof otherwise to indicate it as being anything paranormal, the team believes that at this time they were experiencing a paranormal “cluster” of activity within a ten-minute period.

Kira steps away from the counter area where she got the smell. Michelle again talks to whatever is there trying to tell it to open or shut the cabinets, and to make her some chocolate chip cookies. A Class A EVP of a woman was captured at this moment and is clearly heard saying “Stop sayin’”. The team believes this woman wanted the team to “Stop sayin’ that”, or to stop telling her to open and close the cabinets.

Kira left for the evening. Michelle, Laura, and Mitch entered the house again. The three team members spend a considerable amount of time in the Living room as it is the central location of the small house. Laura heard a strange noise and thought it may have been someone’s stomach. Michelle did not seem to think it was hers. Mitch was falling asleep. Therefore, this evidence has been removed because verification could not be reached—even though the sound on the recorders did not sound like a stomach growl, and was picked up in the Master bedroom recorder.

Laura and Michelle are having a conversation. Just before Michelle begins talking to Laura again about something she forgot to tell Laura, a Class A EVP whisper is again captured on the recorders, this time saying “Get….Get out!”

Around 3:45am, the team began picking up the equipment. Michelle left for home, and Mitch and Laura remained in the house until the neighbor awoke so that they could return the house key. Mitch and Laura heard two very loud growls around 5am (see below for more details.) Unfortunately, all the recorders had been shut off and packed up for the night at this point.

Personal Experiences:
There were several noises throughout the night—and many were often hard to distinguish where exactly they came from. Mindy, Doug, and Tracy heard some shuffling sounds in the basement. Kira and Michelle heard knocking/shuffling upstairs near the boy's room and it was caught on audio. Shortly after this incident, Kira and Michelle clearly hear another faint, but strange noise seemingly coming from Conner’s room. This was also captured on audio. Laura heard a noise at one point and thought it was one of the other team members’ stomachs growling, but was told that it wasn’t. The sound was captured on audio, and did not sound like a stomach. However, it was disregarded all the same.

The team had picked up the equipment by 5am—and everyone except Mitch and Laura had left at this point. Mitch and Laura sat on the love seat awaiting the neighbor to awake to return the house key.  Mitch began falling asleep while Laura posted to Facebook that the team was packed up for the night. Suddenly, two very loud growls were heard within the living room. Mitch awoke immediately. Laura asked Mitch to tell her what he had heard—just to make sure they heard the same thing. Since Mitch was the one falling asleep, Laura felt it best to verify what Mitch had heard first. Mitch did verify that the growls were the same that Laura heard. Several weeks later, Laura asked the homeowner if she had ever heard any voices—and she described similar sounds while sitting on the love seat.

Equipment Findings:   Excluded Evidence There were several pieces of excluded evidence in this investigation. Some were difficult to prove whether it was an investigator making a certain noise or not. The WI-IL Paranormal Investigation Team uses a 360-degree view by cross-referencing several pieces of audio and video equipment to determine whether an occurrence was man-made or paranormal. When there is doubt, the evidence is thrown out.

  Furthermore, there were numerous Class C EVPs of just a second in duration—which sounded like cries and wails. These EVPs were quite frequent—and were excluded in lieu of the other more significant evidence.

Conclusion: WI-IL Paranormal Investigation Team (WIPIT) believes from this investigation that the location is highly active with paranormal activity. Furthermore, the team is concerned for the family’s well-being—and most especially, the young child’s well-being. There seems to be negative spirits of some sort hanging around this property. The investigation into the property’s history has not currently turned up any significant evidence—but the team will continue researching for clues as to why there seems to be spirits lingering. In the meantime, Team WIPIT has scheduled a second investigation in May to uncover who or what is there—and hopefully learn why it is there. This investigation will include special experiments, use of a dog, and potential provoking with religious items. Equipment will be used that will allow spirits to communicate immediately with the team with the hopes of getting answers for the family.

While the family did have a Native American bless the home ten years ago, with some results for a short time, this may again be a consideration in the future.

Special Note: WIPIT has returned to this home several times, once bringing in a well-known psychic and videoing the event. As a result of this experience, this home was highlighted in Destination America's Paranormal Survivor, titled "Evil Intentions"

  Burden of Proof Note: The team uses logical reasoning and determines a place as having active paranormal occurrences based on the same standard of evidence required in the U.S. Court system which must find a criminal guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in order to convict. In the same respect that the U.S. Court system can sentence people to death using the standard of evidence required to validate a criminal conviction, the WI-IL Paranormal Investigation Team also determines whether a location has paranormal activity based on the reasonable doubt standard. This means that the evidence presented to the team must provide proof to the extent that there could be no “reasonable doubt” in the mind of a “reasonable person” that is making the decision. Additionally, there must be a preponderance of evidence by an activity to prove that it is more probable than not to have been caused by paranormal activity. Therefore, unreasonable doubts are excluded (ie: such as a person built a tunnel and snuck into a building for the sole purpose of opening a door and sneaking back out through the tunnel to make it “look” like something paranormal is happening. This type of explanation would be unreasonable, especially since no tunnels are known to exist at the building and have not been found by the investigators). Additionally, the Supreme Court asserts that proof beyond a reasonable doubt does not involve proof to an absolute certainty. It is not proof beyond any doubt, nor is it an imaginary or frivolous doubt. However, if it is believed the evidence shows that a location “probably” has paranormal activity, it is not proven beyond a reasonable doubt to actually have paranormal activity. It is not enough to believe that a place having “possible” paranormal activity, or “likely” paranormal activity, is proof “beyond a reasonable doubt” that it has paranormal activity. Thus, the WI-IL Paranormal Investigation Team follows this line of reasoning when making a decision whether a location is haunted.