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WI-IL Paranormal Investigation Team Case Report

September 28, 2013

The Station, Evansville, WI

Case No.: 13BUS0928
Case Type: Business
Case Class: Open
Time: approx. 11:00pm cst

Report written by:   Laura Baker, Founder & Case Manager

Investigators: Laura Baker, Mitchell Baker, Brian Schroeder, Tracy Schroeder, Michelle Meyers and Sarah Baker


Employees from The Station contacted WIPIT reporting possible paranormal activity throughout the entire gas station. Claims had been noted as far back as when the place was a steakhouse (a different building). A legend is also noted in several Haunted Wisconsin books concerning a woman and her lover when the place was a stagecoach inn. The team went in and listened to several employees give claims of activity.


The facility was at one time a stagecoach inn. Legend has it that a woman was murdered by her lover—and then he was killed by a train. Later, the place became a steak house that later burned down. The current facility was erected and includes a Subway on one side and gas station on the other.


Claims of activity were many. Several employees provided information either in the form of written communications or through a face-to-face interview. Some claims were of cooler doors opening and closing, apparitions, voices, and manipulation of objects.


The investigation began with numerous issues. The team had just invested in HD IR cameras with audio—and this was the first full set-up with the new equipment. There were issues with getting one of the cameras to work. While the investigation was scheduled to start at 11pm—the team was dealing with pouring rain, cold temperatures, many absent investigators due to illness, and issues with the cameras. The investigation unfortunately did not start until 1am.

The first team in to investigate included Laura, Mitch, Michelle, and Sarah. Mitch had the thermal imaging camera. Sarah held the KII and the Guass Meter. Laura held the Bell & Howell. Michelle held the Full Spectrum camera. The team ran EMF sweeps prior to the start of the investigation. There was nothing of note in the Electromagnet Field. Temperatures and humidity were taken frequently. There was nothing of note with temperature and humidity.

The team moved over near a second business which is located inside the building and heard a bell alarm. It was determined by the team that Michelle had leaned against the doorway of this second business which set off the alarm. The team briefly investigated in the basement before letting the next team come inside.

The second team included Tracy, Brian, Michelle, and Laura. Tracy held the Guass Meter and the KII. Brian held the Bell & Howell. Laura held the Full Spectrum. At one point, a very loud noise was heard by all the investigators. It almost sounded like something hitting the window. The employees had covered all the windows, and it was evening. However, the team could not conclude with certainty what caused the bang. They attempted to recreate the sound with a cooler door, but determined this was not the same sound. The closest to the sound was hitting the window again.

The team investigated inside the coolers---but nothing of note happened here.

The teams took a break around 3am to use the restrooms and have some lunch. Tracy was quite ill and called it quits for the evening---going to sleep in her vehicle.

Around 3:45am, Brian, Mitch, Michelle, and Sarah reentered the building for a final round at investigating. Brian held the Bell & Howell. Mitch held the Thermal Imaging Camera and had the IC recorder around his neck. Sarah held the Guass Meter and KII Meter. Michelle held the Full Spectrum Camera. The team walked all around the main area, often hearing noises by the liquor area. These noises were picked up on audio—but were of no significance. The noises were too consistent.

On the other hand, the team entered the small room where the sinks are and where much of the baking takes place. They were clearly hearing noises out in the main area. At one point, Sarah says “Whoa.” The team walks out of the room to check out the noises they heard. Brian is in the lead and walks over to the counter. Sarah and Mitch move into the room next but hang hear the cooler door. Michelle is right behind them. Nothing was heard at the time. Sarah and Mitch were discussing where the sounds may have come from. Brian asks the question “You still out here making noises?” A sound is heard on audio under Brian’s voice. It was determined that it was not Brian. Brian was holding the Bell & Howell, and his voice is much louder on the camera’s audio—and the Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) was barely heard on his camera’s audio. Mitch’s IC recorder picked up the audio very clearly as though it happened near him---but very clearly was not Mitch, Sarah, or Michelle. Michelle’s camera also picked up the audio much louder than Brian’s---and it was much more discernible in the Full spectrum’s audio. It is unclear as to what the audio is exactly.

The team began setting up equipment around 8:30pm, began investigation around 1am, and wrapped up the investigation by 5am.

Equipment set-up was as follows:

Personal Experiences:

The only personal experiences of note were the loud noise heard by Brian, Tracy, Laura, and Michelle, and the noises heard by Brian, Mitch, Sarah, and Michelle later in the evening and at the same time as capturing a Class C EVP.

Equipment Findings:

  Excluded Evidence:


WI-IL Paranormal Investigation Team (WIPIT) believes that it is difficult to say with any certainty that this location hosts paranormal activity. Additional research and investigations are necessary to capture additional evidence and determine causation of activity claims by employees. The conclusions of this investigation are merely based on one investigation. However, there is simply not enough evidence towards paranormal activity to conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that the location is haunted.