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Conclusions to Investigation at Willow Creek Farm, August 3, 2013

Our investigation at Willow Creek Farm began on Saturday, August 3, 2013 until Sunday, August 4, 2013. The client has requested that the only report he receive are the conclusions drawn by our investigation. Therefore, our team has reviewed 96 hours of audio, 96 hours of static night vision video, and 32 hours of handheld IR video for this particular investigation.

For a long period of time, the K2 meter spiked inconsistently during the evening, in and around the Kitchen area. This was recorded on handheld video. During this same time period, several EVPS were collected in and around the kitchen area—and one EVP was collected upstairs in the smaller spare bedroom. The team had taken into consideration that spikes in the K2 meter could have been caused by radio waves—however, this was disregarded since radio waves would have been detected upstairs as well. There were no spikes in K2 upstairs—even though the team tested the “radio waves” theory while the K2 was simultaneously spiking in the kitchen.  Additionally, the team could not get cell phone coverage inside the house, which led us to believe that radio waves would not have been the cause of any K2 readings. It is still a mystery as to why the Guass Meter, when sat next to the K2, did not have any abnormal spikes in EMF.

One of our investigators went upstairs to read a book to the two young girls that are reported to inhabit the home. This was around 3am. K2 spikes ceased—although a couple EVPs were collected after this reading by the downstairs team.

Of significant note, two of our investigators (Donna and Jamie) had planned on sleeping upstairs. The homeowner asked who was sleeping upstairs. Before the team’s Founder (Laura Baker) could answer, a male whisper could be heard saying “Donna.” The only other male in the room would have been Laura’s husband and the team’s Co-Founder (Mitchell Baker). Mitch did not know who was sleeping upstairs, nor was this his voice. Therefore, it was concluded that this was an intelligent response by a man. Incidentally, this same voice is heard in several EVPs collected around the Kitchen area—even one time whispering at the same time that Mitchell was talking in the background, further verifying that it was not Mitchell speaking.

There seemed to be a female that hung around the Kitchen area—mostly after Donna, Jamie, and the homeowner all went upstairs to bed. She is heard as though she is almost humming. Interestingly, the team has captured this same type of “humming” at other locations, which raises more questions as to how much certain entities can actually speak—or whether they can only make a humming noise. At the other locations, it has always been a woman that makes this same “humming”.

Lastly, Laura, Mitchell, and Kara were sleeping downstairs. Around 5am, a noise was heard in the Kitchen. Everyone upstairs was asleep—and the cats were in the homeowner’s bedroom upstairs. Donna had gotten up twice to use the bathroom. However, those two times were differentiated on audio from this particular tapping sound. The sound was never heard any other time during the investigation, and does not fit as a “normal” house settling sound. Laura, Mitchell, and Kara were awoken by the tapping. Mitchell had gotten up to investigate the sound’s origin in the Kitchen immediately, but found nothing.

It is this team’s conclusion that Willow Creek Farm is an active bed of paranormal activity. When using the team’s “Reasonable Doubt” standard, our team believes that Willow Creek Farm does inhabit paranormal activity “beyond a reasonable doubt”. Our team believes that it is natural and normal to have a reasonable amount of doubt with any evidence. There can still be doubt, but only to the extent that it would not affect a reasonable person’s belief, based on the evidence provided, of whether or not the location has paranormal activity. Therefore, evidence we collect must prove the existence of paranormal activity “beyond a reasonable doubt” as our American criminal court system does. We do believe that the evidence collected satisfies and validates this team’s requirement.

Audio Evidence

Male Whisper








Small Upstairs Bedroom

Tap Tap Tap in Kitchen

Unknown Whisper

Unknown Whisper Isolated


Small Upstairs Bedroom Woman's Voice