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The WI-IL Paranormal Investigation Team is always interested in investigating paranormal activity. We do not charge for our investigations--and continue working with our clients if it is determined that there is any paranormal activity. We can help put you in touch with the proper resources to help you cope with possible paranormal activity.

Again, our investigations are completely free, and always private and confidential. 

Request an Investigation  

WIPIT's Typical Approach and Processes of an Investigation

Initial Telephone Interview

After an initial request is made to the WI-IL Paranormal Investigation Team, our Case Manager will contact you for an initial assessment and information gathering interview conducted by telephone. Please be prepared to discuss your experiences and concerns. The team then reviews the information provided, and decides whether to schedule a pre-investigation interview which must be done at the location to be investigated.

Pre-Investigation Interview

After the initial telephone interview, 2-3 members of WIPIT will visit you at the location to be investigated. During this pre-investigation, you and any witnesses will be asked a long series of questions which will be recorded to give information to the rest of the team when scheduling the investigation. You will be requested to give a tour and show various places of activity. This will also be videoed to aid in equipment set-up and for the investigation.

Additionally, you will also be asked to provide any documentation of paranormal activities (activity logs, pictures, sound or video recordings, physical evidence, etc). If you could have copies available for the team to take back and review, this would also be appreciated.

At this point, if the team believes there is potential activity at the location, they will schedule an investigation.


Most of the time, our investigations will be scheduled on either a Friday or Saturday evening as many of our investigators also hold day jobs. There will be occasions where an investigation is warranted during the day, especially if this is when most of the activity takes place. However, we do investigate with the lights out for half of the investigation, and with the lights on for the other half. There are many theories to both. The lights out reduce any chance of interference from electrical spikes. However, paranormal activity can also be drawn to high electromagnet spikes and is often reported when the lights are on.

WIPIT will bring its own equipment including cameras, video, audio recorders, EMF detectors, computers, wireless audio, etc. When the team arrives on site, they will quickly review the area for final equipment set-up, and then begin unloading and placing equipment. This usually takes about 1-1/2 hours. Since some of our equipment has wires, we do have various wires running on the floor. To prevent tripping, we take painter's tape and try to place the wires in a location where someone will not trip.

All investigations are private investigations, and we ask that only one or two people from the location be at the investigation. Typically, we will ask anyone staying for the investigation to remain quiet in the designated "Command Central" spot.  If there are pets, please find another home for them for the evening. These requests are important to the control of the investigation. People and pets moving around can contaminate evidence and give false readings to equipment.

Occasionally, our investigators will decide if a shorter investigation is necessary to determine the extent of paranormal activity prior to scheduling a longer investigation. This is not always necessary in all investigations.

WIPIT reserves the right to decline, cancel, or abort any investigation at any time for any reason.

Review and Analysis of Evidence

Members of WIPIT will review and analyze evidence gathered during the investigation. We may even come back to the location to compare with the evidence collected. We will not provide an insight into findings until the full analysis is completed. This may take several weeks to complete.

At the conclusion of the evidence review, we  will contact you to set up an appointment where we can provide you with our findings.

Presentation of the Findings

At the meeting, we will present any evidence gathered during our investigation that shows potential paranormal activity. We will also provide you with a CD copy of all video and audio evidence, along with a written report of our findings and conclusions. If we conclude that there is not any paranormal activity, we will inform you.


If WIPIT has verified that there is paranormal activity, we will provide you with additional resources to help you cope. Sometimes people are content with living with paranormal activity. Other times, people need additional assistance. In these cases, our goal is to get you in touch with the appropriate resource that will help you. Although we do not have psychics for our investigations, we do recommend their assistance after we have verified paranormal activity. This will allow us--as well as you--to gain a possible inside view of what's inhabiting the location.