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Case Files


2015 Cases

We are just starting to upload our 2015 season now! More to come! Watch for public investigation events with the team in 2016!

Marlene's Home, Rockford, IL

2014 Cases

Hanchett-Bartlett Homestead Public Investigation

Boot Hill Cemetery, Tombstone, AZ

Private Residence, Rural Beloit, WI

Camp Grant, Rockford, IL

Private Residence, Orfordville, WI

Tinker Swiss Cottage Investigation, Rockford, IL

Tinker Swiss Cottage Paranormal Tour, Rockford, IL

Partridge Hall & Star Theatre, Argyle, WI

Tinker Swiss Cottage Public Investigation (December), Rockford, IL


2013 Cases

Private Residence in Winnebago, IL

Non-disclosed museum in southern Wisconsin (3rd Investigation)

Private Residence in Albany, WI

The Station, Evansville, WI

Willow Creek Farm, Carroll County, IL

Private Residence in Janesville, WI

Tinker Swiss Cottage, Rockford, IL

Non-disclosed Museum Southern Wisconsin (2nd Investigation)

Private Home, Rockford, IL

Non-disclosed Museum in Southern Wisconsin

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, Chicago, IL


Previous Cases Have Been Archived